Mineral Fibers

Mineral Fibers

Via Bianconi
20139 Milano

Itaprochim for more than 25 years, are leaders in the friction market, both as distributor and producer of high-quality and high-tech raw materials.

Moveover, Itaprochim develops and produces trade mark materials based on its own technology; (Sicaceli 964, Ultimate, Prochim GP, Prochim D, Stilox, Alox, Mechanomade).

Our goal has always been to provide customers with a wide range of raw materials and auxiliary goods from reliable and qualified sources.

Our staff and a worldwide sales network have developed during the years a strong synergy between partners and customers; this allows greater efficiency in line with the market requirement.

The raw materials developed in the recent times have allowed us to approach new markets such as abrasives, lubricants, rubber, plastic and cosmetic industries. For more information please visit our website or contact us; we will be very glad to satisfy your request!

For more information please visit: http://www.itaprochim.it

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